The German SINBO intelligent wall breaker is only SG89, and a free insulation pot

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Hello everyone, I’m Léon from Germany.

Because of economic pressure this year and our children have grown up and need a complete education.

After many discussions with my family, my wife and I decided to  close the shop and return to Germany

The German government will give children education subsidies, and we can also start a new life in Germany

There are still some German SINBO wall-breaking machines left in the store. Many moms say they are practical and necessary machines for the kitchen.

SINBO wall breaking machine official priceUS$115.99,But we are in a hurry to clear the goods, and if they are not cleared, we have to pay the warehouse fee

Finally we choose SG$89 to sell

Free imported smart thermos cup worth US$18.99! (Limited number)

SINBO is a powerful but low-key company in Germany. Almost 6 out of 10 kitchens use their products.

They insist on the concept of "make products that make life more perfect", do not make any advertisements, and spend all their expenses on product materials and research and development.

The persistence in the product has allowed it to win many major international awards.

As the products are recognized by more and more people, many world-renowned brands have also started long-term cooperation with SINBO! A large part of the Starbucks coffee we are familiar with is SINBO ground and broken

The effect of the wall breaker is mainly based on two cores, one is the motor, the second is the speed

SINBO uses pure copper motorwrapped design, strong power and quiet

Both the craftsmanship and the materials are world-class, and every part has been manually reviewed, so customers can use it more assuredly

Large torque pure copper motor, multiple copper wire winding, provide faster and more stable performance for the wall breaker, reduce energy loss and save electricity

The average service life of the motor is increased to more than 1500 hours, which is far beyond the 200-hour service life of other wall breakers.

110° high temperature and overheat protection, safer and more resistant

Wrapped motor design, as well as the matching of coaxial drive motor, with DC cooling system, spiral noise reduction duct, super quiet work !

SINBO wall breaking machine super high speed 3~40,000 rpm, with double-layer eight-knife stainless steel blades, high speed wall breaking in all directions without dead ends,

Extract all nutrients, release the deep-seated nutrients of food, make the body absorb more comprehensively

Comparison of juice made by SINBO wall breaking machine and other low-speed wall breaking machines

In addition to the technical advantages of SINBO, the motor and speed, its mixing cup also uses a turbulence design

"Delicate and no slag, enjoy silky smoothness"

Many moms are worried that the wall breaker is difficult to clean after use. SINBO has also received a lot of such feedback and has continuously improved materials and functions.

The material is imported from Japan, which is still as new after one and a half years of use. The blade is sharp and the imported steel does not stick to particles, making it easier to clean

Add a glass of water after use, and then turn on the wall breaker to automatically clean it, saving mommy a lot of trouble and reducing the risk of injury

Authoritative certification: The materials and technology used by SINBO have been screened and endorsed by a third party. The quality can stand the test and the brand is trustworthy!

One machine with multiple functions: minced meat, grinds, breaks the wall, and squeezes juice, all done

The details reflect the quality, the visible quality!

Simple operation, only 2 steps

Boot sequence: from left to right, turn on the power, adjust from gear 1 to gear 9

Shutdown sequence: from right to left, adjust back to gear 1, turn off the power

Good helper in the kitchen, let's take a look at the feedback from customers who received the goods

If you have any after-sales questions and product questions, please contact the

Thank you for your support and purchase

Counter quality, rest assured to order, contact us for a refund or return if you have any problems with the goods!

(In order to ensure the after-sales return service and the authenticity of the product, a warranty of $5,000 has been paid to Facebook! You can rest assured to buy!)

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