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Hello, friends in Singapore, we are Italy 【PRA·GINE】. Over the past year, the number of tourists has decreased, and our franchise stores in ION Orchard have been unable to make ends meet. 【PRA·GINE】 officially announced the closure of the exclusive stores including the ION mall in Singapore shop

Singapore's ION Orchard store has been on sale for two months

Our shop is located on the second floor of ION Orchard. The lease of the shop has expired. We are now selling the remaining leather bags through multiple channels

Two of the most classic leather bags are left, because we have stored a lot of them because the sales volume is particularly good, so we have a lot of inventory left, and they are all sold at low prices

Usually price is SG$438, because we need to sell quickly to reduce the high rental cost of the warehouse

Now we only sell SG $ 69,

 2 for SG$89 

 3 for SG$109 (the handmade top cowhide is only 36)

There are still some wallets in the corresponding colors, because there are not many, we choose to give them away for free! Buy one get one free !

Many celebrities will choose our leather bag as a collocation for travel ! Monica, Kate Beckin, Annie choose to match our white bag

American movie star Diana and Time magazine model Julie also carry our checkerboard leather bags. We have three-color designs to meet the needs of different ladies

Many webcast KOLs often recommend our leather bags because they are really good to use, so they want to share them with their fans.

This is a very practical and fashionable lady's leather bag, which can be seen on many occasions and has a large storage capacity, which is very suitable for our daily various combinations!

PRA · GINE® was founded by Mario · Pra in 1954 in Rome, the capital of Italy. At that time, Italy expanded overseas and needed a large number of top suitcases. Cobbler Mario · Pra founded [PRA] with his partners, and later in memory of his wife Gine , Change the brand name to【PRA · GINE】

【PRA · GINE】 After 66 years of development, it has become a very popular leather bag brand in Italy, and it continues to expand its influence internationally, and it continues to become an international brand !

The most important thing for a long journey is the durability of suitcases and bags, so our products have always been very durable !

We have 289 specialty stores all over the world, and there will be our specialty stores in every fashionable city. Because of the strict requirements on the quality and fashion of leather bags, we have many loyal customers all over the world

The cowhide made in Italy is the world's top aquatic product. We use the top cowhide of the traditional brand to make every bag

Every leather bag is handmade, and every size and detail can be grasped more accurately. The leather bag has a good-looking version and is durable !

The quality of the brand is reflected in the details, and we pay great attention to every detail of the leather bag !

Always insisting on making every bag by hand, the customer bought not only a bag, but also a 66-year-old handicraft

In order to bring better comfort to customers, hand stitches are used on the handle to provide a better feel

Every leather bag we make can be used for 4-6 years

Details :

Feedback from our customers, this bag is really practical and beautiful !

 You can order if you like. The number of wallets is limited, and it will stop when sold out. Please understand !

Thanks for your support!

If the received goods are damaged or unsatisfactory, please contact us in time, we will deal with you as soon as possible! wish you a happy life!

When ordering, please make sure your name, phone number, email address are correct and write your complete delivery address ( be specifiy to the street-building number-house number-postal area)

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