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Hello, I’m Linlin. I run an electrical appliance store on Mohamed Sultan Rd with my family. In order to relieve the pressure on inventory, we are currently doing discounts

Here to recommend to everyone a very popular household multifunctional electric steamer

The home appliance sales rankings on many commonly used websites are ranked No.1! ! !

Price 139, now only 69!  Offer only once!

Nutrition Association recommends:

This is an electric steamer that has been welcomed by everyone in the past two years. The Singapore Nutrition Association and nutritionists have begun to recommend and use small appliances!

More and more news suggests that we eat more steamed vegetables:Keep nutrition, control oil and water to prevent chronic diseases, anti-aging and protect the stomach !

The benefits of steamed vegetables:

The "steaming" technique is:Minimize the destruction of food ingredients, maximize the preservation of food nutrition, and present the original deliciousness of the ingredients without reservation

"Steamed" can be healthier,The food is still steamed and fresh, which locks both nutrients and moisture, without oily smoke or high-temperature oil

Multifunctional electric steamer:

The electric steamer we are selling this time is the latest upgrade, which can be steamed, fried, fried, braised, stewed, and cooked! It includes all the functions that the family needs every day!

The use of the latest Teflon coating, completely non-stick pan, especially convenient to clean, save a lot of time, especially in line with the current rhythm of life!

Usually go home from get off work and fry some healthy dishes for yourself, stay away from fast food and low-quality oil!

Friends can also play the stove together and chat while eating~

You can steam and cook together if you don’t have enough time! Get up in the morning and put some steamed breakfast, which is nutritious and not time-consuming!

The cooked dishes can be heated quickly when they are cooled, and cooking with them is not a problem!

Brand history introduction:

This multi-functional small appliance is a product suitable for modern life, which is designed by the American national brand MXBear, combined with the current pace and habits of life, and after comprehensive customer research.

MXBear was founded in 1936, jointly created by Marian and Xever

In the 1960s, it successfully merged with British BDA and became the largest home appliance company in the UK in the 1970s. At this time, MXBear's technology for building airplanes was started, and the journey of making home appliances began! The military quality integrates blood, and establishes an unprecedented view of harsh product quality

MXBear products sell well all over the world,In the United States, there are 2 MXBear home appliances for every household

It’s also because of its brand and product sales, our store uses it as the main display product sales, sales volume and repurchase rate are very high

Introduction of electric steamer technology :

This time is a newly upgraded Teflon-coated pot, which has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation of stainless steel pot.

Use it to cook without worrying about food sticking to the bottom! Our customers are very satisfied with this!

This time using a full-circle heating device, compared to other half-circle heating devices, the food will be cooked more easily and will not be half-baked !

There are also many home appliances in our store that use button design, but too many functions will lead to too cumbersome and complicated operation

This electric steamer uses a three-stage knob design, easy to operate, adjust the fire power at any time, and control the freshness of the ingredients

Double safety protection, overheating or dry burning will automatically power off! Safety is the most basic requirement of all our products !

Intelligent power off, dry-burn protection, no need to watch, save time, effort, and worry !

International verification:

MXBear's products have passed the material and technical testing of the international testing organization SGS! Real use rest assured!

customer feedback:

This multifunctional electric steamer has a high usage rate in daily life~Look at the wonderful daily life of our customers

This electric steamer combines a variety of functions required by the family, and is also very convenient to clean, which is very popular with everyone! Prepare an electric steamer at home, you can take it out when you need it~ super practical !

Discounted prices:

This time we reduced the area of our warehouse, and many of our stocks are sold at a discount. You can order the ones you like, super discount! Super easy to use!

For everyone’s convenience, we also gave away the required 7-piece setFull of sincerity!Original price 139, now only 69!

(We have passed the FACEBOOK qualification certification, you can rest assured to buy, if you are not satisfied, you can contact us for a refund or replacement !)

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