Cargo piled up at Singapore Changi Airport - Japan's Mount Fuji Cup sold at low prices

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Hello, friends in Singapore, we are the famous Japanese glass manufacturer 田島硝子カップ

This year we started to reach cooperation with several shopping malls in Singapore, but due to our Japanese customs restrictions and flights, our goods were more than two months later than the cooperation expected, and some of our orders were cancelled

We did not expect to encounter such a situation. We can only temporarily store our Mount Fuji Cup at Singapore Changi Airport. Since there is no advance reservation, it is temporarily stored. We need to pay high rental fees. We have not found a new cooperation yet. Partner, we will lose more if this continues

After the decision of the headquarters, we decided to sell it on the Internet at a low price. It was a promotion in advance. I hope everyone likes our Mount Fuji cups. If friends receive likes, they can share them with friends around them

 (A very low price, It’s great value if you buy it now)

The handmade Mt. Fuji cup, originally priced at JPY5500 (SG$79), 

NOW!Buy one get one free !  2 for SG$ 59

3 for only SG$69   (SG$23 each)

4 pics for only SG$79  ( SG$ 19.9 each )

Our cup is well-known in Japan, because we made the shape of Mount Fuji at the bottom of the cup by artificially blowing it, so that our cup is no longer just for drinking water, but also a landscape, let us through small details Life is more interesting and makes us feel more happy!

In Japan, it has been ranked top 3 in sales for several consecutive years. Every tourist who comes to Japan will choose to take this cup back as a gift or souvenir; everyone likes the beautiful cup! Hope you like it too !

田島硝子カップ originated in 1956 and has always insisted on the design and research of glass products. Up to now, we are already the top glass brand in Japan. Many high-end hotels and restaurants have reached long-term cooperation with us

We have different manufacturing processes for different cups. This Mount Fuji cup needs to be made to look like Mount Fuji at the bottom of the cup, so manual blowing is required. This is the main reason why this cup is expensive. All the details are Is made by hand


There are many uncertainties in manual production, and every detail of production needs to be accurately grasped. Temperature, time, intensity, and accuracy each need long-term accumulation to be accurate.

Although the craftsmanship and time for making Mount Fuji cups are relatively long, the cups produced are all "high-quality" first-class products!

In order to ensure the consistency of the glass thickness and curvature of the Mount Fuji cup

 The blowing process must be completed within ten seconds. The craftsmen of the casting process are all top level

The made cup has the same thickness and curvature, and the glass body is crystal clear and translucent. The "Mount Fuji" is perfectly fitted into the bottom of the cup

After the production is completed, we will carefully check all the cups to be produced. The cups with bubbles or defects will be destroyed immediately. We never sell any defective products

Mount Fuji Cup is more than just a cup in Japan, it is considered a heritage of traditional handicrafts

(If you order the Mt. Fuji Cup, you have more than 100 years of handicraft and a real handicraft heritage)

Using special lead-free crystal material and unique sandblasting process, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable

The most unique Mount Fuji cup is located at the bottom of the cup. When you pour other colored beverages into the cup, Mount Fuji will reflect the same color

Because the bottom of this cup has bright reflections, each form of Mount Fuji is different when pouring drinks of different colors.

Like the "Kamiyama" in Japan, they are also very unique

There will be different color feedback when tasting wine, tea and tea using the Fuji cup.

This is a new kind of enjoyment. It seems that every drink has tasted the beauty of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Product details:

Our Mount Fuji Cup has won numerous social evaluation awards in Japan

Japanese star Sajiro and connoisseur Yoyo Kato are also loyal users of our cups

Mount Fuji Cup has received a lot of praise from all over the world, because it is a glass product, if the received goods are damaged, you can contact us at any time to replace the goods or refund!

Honest business,honest service!

The feedback collected from customers, customers who have used it all say it is very good !

The Fuji Cup has always been our classic !

If you want to put the scenery in the cup, put the scenery in the life, and make life full of fun, then the Mount Fuji Cup is a good choice for you!

Because of this unexpected situation and the high rent pressure, we are really selling at a very low price. If you like it, you can order it quickly. 

This must be the lowest price!

Thank you Singaporean friends for your support and welcome you to visit Japan in the future. We wish you a happy life!

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