Lamy Brown Bear Pen, which has a history of nearly a hundred years, will you have one?-999

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Hello everyone, I operate a famous German fountain pen brand-LAMY in Singapore. In order to repay the long-term support of new and old customers, we specially prepared LINE FRIENDS co-branded ink fountain pens. However, due to the global special event that happened this year, BROWN Brown Bear SALLY
The sales situation in the store is not very good. There are currently 158 LINE FRIENDS co-branded pens left in the store, so I am now going to sell them on Facebook at a low price to make up for some of the losses.

LAMY's LINE FRIENDS co-branded limited edition fountain pen is based on the popular colors of each year. The limited number of colors is selected. Once the sales are completed, it will not continue to be produced. It is very collectible.

Original price S$119

Now sold at half price
Only S$59
First come first served, thank you all! !

LAMY fountain pen was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1930. The biggest feature of LAMY is that writing is smooth and free, the water is smooth, the color is rich, and the color is bright. It can not only be used as a writing tool, but also a good decoration, and it has also become a worldwide place. An immortal classic in the hearts of young people

Each series of LAMY products are especially loved by young people

LAMY is indispensable in trend activities

LAMY's LINE FRIENDS co-branded limited edition fountain pen, once it came out, it won the Hannover IF Global Design Award in 2020

As the spokesperson of LAMY, Hugh Jackman recently appeared in Germany to participate in the latest conference. Not only does he wear the LAMY fountain pen, which symbolizes elegance and taste, but also enjoy the beauty of writing!

The first pen of a gentleman boy! Lamy who even Yang Yang can't put it down

​LAMY fountain pen is rich in flexibility - writing is smooth and silky without stuttering, it is a high-quality benchmark in the pen industry

All-inclusive - ​When writing the "8", both the front and back of the nib are used. If the nib is fluent, it means this pen is very easy to use

The core of a fountain pen-the nib on a fountain pen is like a tire on a car. Only with a good nib can a fountain pen have a first-rate writing experience. The nib determines the writing performance of the pen, so when Lamy is designing the pen, the emphasis on the nib has always been the first priority.

​Imported material - LAMY design fountain pen nib is made of imported materials from Germany and printed with LAMY's exclusive LOGO. This kind of extreme beauty makes you only feel that you hate to see each other late and you can't put it down

If you are already a loyal fan of LAMY, you will definitely not miss the LINE FRIENDS co-branded limited edition fountain pen, which simply satisfies the stationery control’s pursuit of beauty.

LAMY's pen body is made of high-quality steel pipe paint, with a touch of British style teddy bear. I really did not expect that the artistic sense and childishness can be so well integrated! (●'◡'●)

The super cute frosted brown barrel body and the brown bear clip make people love it

This limited edition LAMY Brown Bear co-branded fountain pen will no longer be produced once it is sold out. So it is really worth yours! !

Obtained verification and inspection by major European institutions!

German Seiko European Standard!!

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